February 01, 2010

Weekend Recap

We had a nice weekend.

On Saturday we took the girls to see Avatar. Amanda had already watched it with Dan a couple weeks ago, but she wanted to see it again.

GREAT movie! I wasn't sure if I'd like it, as I'm not much into sci-fi/futuristic type movies, but I really enjoyed it. The special effects are AMAZING!!!! There is a lot of action...a little romance (nothing bad)....I think this may be one we end up purchasing for our library.

Emilee ended up staying the night with a friend. I made a big batch of goulash for supper (Mmmm...), and Amanda, Kalia & I just hung out.

On Sunday we got up early & started our weekly cleaning (that I put off on Saturday, just 'cause I wasn't feelin' it!). Then we headed to Columbia to run a few errands....basically just to get out of the house. It was beautiful (for winter)....around 40 degrees & sunny! We stopped by Babys 'R Us to check out their clearance (they were offering $5 gift cards to those who became Facebook Fans one day last week, so Dan & I both signed up). They really didn't have much....I ended up with 2 cute pairs of sandles & some bubbles & still have $2.25 on one of our cards....can't beat that!

Next we ran by Best Buy to pick up our tax software....FINALLY got our last W-2 on Saturday!...and the free movie they were offering with it (the girls chose Alvin & the Chipmunks).

After that we stopped in at Culver's for a late lunch/early dinner. Mmmmm..... Dan had the reuben, I had the prime rib with mushroom, and the girls each had the deluxe burger. We had coupons for 2 free baskets, so the whole meal ended up costing less than $15! Whoo Hoo!

Once we got back home we took a short walk around the block, didn't stay out long since it was starting to get a little chilly. I came back & got everything together for Kalia's first day at her new daycare. I've been a bit spoiled not having to take her anywhere for the last 3 months, so I wasn't looking forward to getting up early & taking her in. That & she wasn't feeling well, and she gets really clingy & only wants mama when she's sick, so I had a bad feeling it wasn't going to go too well when I dropped her off. (She did pretty good though....more on that later.)

All-in-all it was a nice, fairly relaxing weekend! Now....off to get started organizing those adoption receipts & getting ready to do our taxes!

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