January 31, 2010


Supra-malleable Orthotic...prescribed for patients with soft, flexible, flat feet. Designed to maintain a vertical, neutral heel while supporting the three arches of the foot. They help to improve standing balance & walking.

Kalia was fitted for one on Friday.

I think we may actually be getting somewhere with her balance issues. Her therapist noted on our first meeting that Kalia has flat feet. We'd noticed it too, but had no idea of the impact it makes on balance & walking.

She recommended getting one and we finally got everyone available at the same time to get her fitted. After reading & learning more about them we feel confident that wearing these will have positive impact on her balance & walking. I'm optimistic that by the end of summer my baby will be able to run.....or at least be able to walk steadily over all types of terrain.

Since she will have to wear them pretty much all the time, thus limiting her time wearing cute, girly sandles & flip-flops, we ordered a nice girly style....with pinks, purples & butterflies! She will also probably need to have special tennis shoes ordered....ones that are made deep, wide & long enough to accomodate the SMO. We'll probably end up with something similar to this....

Who says you can't wear orthotics & still be stylin'?!

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  1. Our oldest had CP and she too wore orthotics. It made an amazing difference and her walking took off. You will get the hang of buying those wide, deep enough shoes for her soon.