December 18, 2009

12 Days of Christmas

Saw this on Rett's blog & thought it would be fun. I'm a little I'll combine a few days to get me caught up again. Enjoy!

Day One - My Favorite Christmas Song
OK...that's a hard one...I like just about all of them! Seriously...."Mary Did You Know?", "Away in a Manger", "Little Drummer Boy", "Silent Night"...LOVE THEM ALL!!!!

Day Two - My Favorite Christmas Recipe
There are so many yummy goodies that we only make around the holidays. My mom makes this super yummy broccoli casserole. A friend at work makes some to-die-for bread pudding. Sugar cookies & snickerdoodles are top of my cookie-making list. Good stuff!

Day Three - The Best Christmas Present I Ever Gave
Well, to me, any gift I've given the girls are my favorites. I love watching the girls open their gifts & seeing their faces when they received the top present on their wish list for any given year. One year it was something as simple as a hermit crab for Amanda. She absolutely LOVED that gift! Emilee got a Gameboy Advance & it just made her day! Just knowing that I've gotten someone something that they've really wanted makes it special for me.

Day Four - The Best Christmas Present I Ever Received
Hmmm....this is hard! I remember lots of gifts. I'm spoiled....I admit it. I've gotten some great gifts. Everyone always tries very hard to get me what I want...and I sometimes have some odd requests (external hard drives, gift cards, steam boring are those :) ) But I usually get them (still working on getting that steam mop...hint, hint). I'd have to say though that my very favorite gift was a wine cooler that my parents got me a couple years back. My brother even got me a few bottles of wine to get started with. I also really enjoy receiving what my sisters & I call "goody boxes"....filled with all kinds of homemade treats from my mom. Good stuff!

Day Five - Favorite Christmas Movie
Again...hard! So many good movies out there. I love pretty much EVERY Christmas movie....Deck the Halls, Christmas with the Kranks, Santa Claus I, II, III, Elf, Charlie Browns Christmas, Christmas Vacation....just to name a few. One movie I DO NOT like, however, is Christmas Story and It's A Wonderful Life. Not really sure why, but they just don't do it for me. (And yes, I take a lot of flack for that). So, my favorite....can't say that I have one :)

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