December 13, 2009

Another busy week....'tis the season

Decorating the tree...."Nutcracker" ballet, Christmas pictures, cookie decorating, Wii playing, band concert...and a little more Christmas shopping. That about sums up our week!

We finally got the tree put up on Tuesday. It was so fun to watch Amanda string the lights...she'd never done it before...that's usually Dan's job. She did a pretty good job. Didn't get them as tight as I'd like, and not back in the tree....more out in front so you can see the strings, but that's o.k. It looks perfect! It was fun to watch them choose their ornaments & the exact spot they should go...and remember when & why they received each ornament, and from whom. It was especially nice to watch Kalia attempt to hang her ornaments. We went thru 3 Christmas seasons waiting for Kalia (though the 1st one was only a month after LID...we still waited)...waiting to watch her face light up when she sees the ornaments...waiting to see her hang her own...and to feel the magic of the season. Finally she's home to participate in our little traditions...and it's so very nice! She thought it was great fun for Amanda to help her hang an ornament, then, when Amanda turned to get another, she would grab that one & run it over to Dan, who was sitting on the couch. Then she'd run back to watch another being hung. She didn't get too involved, but watched the whole time. Next year I'm sure she'll be right up in the action.

Friday we went to a special showing of the Nutcracker ballet. We'd never seen it and thought it would be nice. I think everyone enjoyed it. Kalia was great through the whole thing...only getting a little tired of sitting about 5 minutes before intermission (perfect timing!). After intermission she sat thru about another 30 minutes...then fell asleep. We had to stop by the store for a few things afterwards, which she slept right through, then we headed to Dairy Queen for some yummy treats!

Saturday we slept in a bit, then got up to make sugar cookies to take down to my sister's for decorating. After those were done we fed Kalia & laid her down for a short nap while we finished getting ready for pictures. We had our holiday pics taken at Se@rs this year, and I have to say they turned out really good! I was a little concerned about how Kalia would do actually looking at the camera, and for the individual shots, but she did GREAT! The only problems we had were when we changed her outfit and a few of her individual shots she kept wanting to get up & run. But they still turned out so good!

After that we headed down to my sister's for some supper, cookie decorating & Wii playing! The kids had a blast decorating the cookies (and the table, floor & themselves, too!) It was quite the mess....but they had fun! Kalia just couldn't get enough of the cookies....I think they're her new fave!

We played Mario & Wii sports. I think I need more practice. But we all had a blast!

Sunday we all slept in again (that's what happens when you don't go to bed until 1 & 2 a.m.!!!!) Amanda had a band concert at 3 p.m. and then Dan & Emilee went to do a little shopping. I wasn't allowed to go....maybe they're getting something for me?! :)

It was a super busy weekend, but filled with lots of fun activities! I just love this time of year!

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