December 21, 2009

12 Days of Christmas - What I want for Christmas

Well, I think I'm pretty easy to please. I love receiving gifts...but love giving gifts more. It's always hard for me to make a list of what I want. Not because there's not things I want, but there's nothing I need. And yes, I know they didn't ask me what I need, but I just don't really worry much about getting gifts. I'd much rather give.... Make any sense?

But, since the topic is what do I want for Christmas, here's my list:

  • Number one is for all of us to remember what the season is truly about. To keep that in mind throughout the whole season and try not to get too focused on the materialistic aspects.

  • I want my kids to enjoy the magic of Christmas. I absolutely CAN. NOT. WAIT to watch Kalia enjoy her 1st Christmas! There's nothing better than watching little kids enjoy the season. And I know she's still a bit young to really get it, it will still be fun!

  • As for my materialistic wishes....a new DSLR camera, a steam mop (I know...weird....), a new knife set (ones that actually cut would be nice)....just a few things that top my list.

So....what do you want for Christmas?

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