March 23, 2009


That's what I heard at approximately 3:15 Saturday afternoon.

My sister, husband & girls have been planning a surprise shower for me for the past month or so. I was so surprised! I had no idea! I'm usually pretty good at piecing things together, but obviously my mind has been preoccupied. Looking back, if I had been with it at all, I would have known something was up. But I had no clue!

Here's how they pulled it off. My sister had made plans to take the girls Friday night and was supposed to bring them back Saturday afternoon around 3:00. Around 3:15 they called to say they were running a little late, and Dan asked if I wanted to head to the grocery store with him real quick to pick up some things for supper before they got there. The shower was being held in the basement of the church right down the street from us. When we pulled in the driveway to the church, I asked him what we were doing. He said he was going to talk to Scotty (one of our friends that is down there quite a bit). I thought it a bit strange, but just went with the flow! I walked in the basement to see everyone staring at me and shouting "SURPRISE!!!!" I'm not good at being the center of attention, so I thought real hard about running back out that door!

We had such a great time! Everyone from my office was invited, along with a few from Dan's work and family. Most of the people from my office were unable to make it, but a few did show up. We had some snacks (egg rolls, little sandwiches, meatballs, little wienies, cookies, etc...), then proceeded to play some games. My sister had made a really cool display board that she had covered with Chinese fabric, and included information about the Great Wall, China in general, info about Kalia (translation of her name, where her orphanage is, etc...), the ABCs & numbers (pinyin & symbols), etc... She used this board to ask questions for the Jeopardy game we played (which my team won, by the way). Then we played a game where we broke into teams of 2 and one person had to wear a bib made out of a trash bag and the other had to feed you applesauce. The kicker was both of you were BLINDFOLDED!!! It was hilarious!!! The last game was a relay race where you had to hold an egg on a spoon, hold a balloon between your legs, put your other hand on your hip & race around the table without dropping the egg or balloon. Funny stuff!

After that I opened presents. I got (well, Kalia got...) a TON of stuff! Books, the cutest clothes, crocs (let me just say that crocs in teeny tiny sizes are super-cute!), bows, diapers, swimsuits, sippy cups, toys, etc... My sister (Tina) made the cutest diaper cake and my other sister (Amber) made the most awesome framed art, with some cool fabric & her name written in calligraphy. Everything was perfect!

Thank you so, so much to everyone who attended, to all who were involved in the planning, and for all the gifts you showered upon us. I hope you all know how much this meant to know that Kalia will be welcomed & loved by all. I have the absolute best friends & family in the world! Love you all!

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  1. It was so much fun to do and plan, but word to the wise, never plan a suprise party with Dan! He is worse than a women! He can't make up his mind and when time runs out and you have no info., it leads to a very impatient Tina :) All in all we had a blast and if we could do it over it would all stay the same. All the hoopla lead to many laughs and great times. Glad to be able to do something for you. You deserve it! Good luck!