March 20, 2009

Basketball...updated pic... & other misc.

  • Last night was Amanda's last ball game. They've been playing at home this week, in a tournament, and they took 1st place!!!! Undefeated!!!!! Way to go, girls!

  • We decided to paint & update the main bathroom just a bit. I've purchased a new shower curtain and Dan will be painting today. I need to find a new light fixture, faucets, accessories & some new towels to match. I plan to frame some nice pics that I've taken (probably some from our China trip) & hang them. Shouldn't be too expensive, and will give a new fresh look for Spring! I'll post pics once it's finished.
  • Last night I decided to take all of Kalia's clothes, wash them & get everything organized & ready to go. I think size 18 months will fit her best....maybe some 12 months if they run large (like Carters & Gymboree). Everything under 12 months we've collected (not too much) will be donated to the orphanage or to friends.
  • Tonight the girls are staying with their Aunt, and Dan & I decided to go out to dinner then go roller skating. I love roller skating & haven't been in a while. And since I've been so busy getting Amanda to ball games, I've missed a lot of my exercise time. Roller skating is good exercise. Maybe I can make up for lost time :)
  • The weather is supposed to be nice again this weekend (mid-to-upper 60's & sunny), so hopefully we can get some more things done around the house. I'd like to get the majority of our house stuffs done before we go to China, so that we can relax & enjoy our time together as a family when we return. We'll see how that really works out! :)
I'll leave you with another updated picture of youngest beauty! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Lovely pictures. All this painting? Sounds like you are nesting!!!!! I found Gymboree clothes actually came up a bit smaller than some of the others and 12-18 months fitted our 13 month old daughter really well.

  2. I agree with does sound like you are nesting!! woohoo! I'm so happy for you. Your baby girl is beautiful!

  3. What a beauty she is!!! I can't wait until you go get her!

  4. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Your daughter is so cute...hope you travel soon too..

    Ella Joy's mom,
    DC shoap