February 24, 2009

Warning: If you don't like snakes, I wouldn't recommend reading any further! :)

This past Saturday was family night at the girls' school. This is an annual event, with lots of games, fun & good family time.

This year the big attraction was a room full of snakes and a big iguana!

A local pet store brought a bunch of snakes in & let the kids pass them around (no worries, these owners take pride in the pets they sell and the snakes are very docile). There was NO way you were getting me to hold one of them (I'll touch them, as long as their head stays away from me), but Amanda & Dan were loving it! (Emilee held one long enough for me to get a picture, but only because I begged! LOL) Amanda held everything except the big boa (that Dan's holding)....I think that one scared her a bit. They spent a good hour in that room, which didn't leave them much time for any of the other games & fun :)

On Sunday we headed to my sister's to celebrate my nephews' birthdays. Quentin turned 7 a couple weeks ago, and Zach's 5th will be coming up soon! I had a major headache and the girls had homework, so we didn't stay long, but it was fun! (And the cake was DELISH, Tina)

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  1. Thanks! Sorry you couldn't stay, but glad you were able to come for awhile!