February 18, 2009

Checking it off

Since receiving our PA one week ago, it seems like everything has been kicked into high gear!

We've been in contact with our agency, trying to get a budget worked out a little better, since we know exactly where we'll be going now.

On Monday, we were added to our agency's Waiting Child Travel Group. There was an overwhelming amount of files to read through. They are really organized and laid everything out for us. While reading through the files, we've learned exactly how everything will play out (or at least a good idea of what to expect), a good idea of recent prices, what to expect from the agency guides...pretty much answers to all the questions that were swimming around in my head. The few I've had after reading, I've been able to ask our travel coordinator and have come to learn that she's going to be wonderful to work with. She's patient, kind & really knows her stuff! Thank goodness, because I'm sure I'll test her patience more than once :)

We learned today that we could get started on the homestudy addendum (necessary since we switched from NSN to SN), send off for our Visas and get our vaccination affidavits signed & notarized. YEAH....3 things to check off our list!

We also went today to get the first in a 3 part series of Hep A & B shots. We were quoted $140 per shot for each of us, PLUS a $40 office visit each, from the local travel clinic. WOW!!! We called the county Health Department and you won't believe what we'll end up paying for all 3 shots.....less than $70 (and that includes the tetanus shot that Dan needed)! Definitely something to check into, if you have that option! It saved us over $900!

Last thing we've checked off is sending a care package to Kalia. A family from our orphanage Yahoo group is traveling in early March and offered to take whatever we wanted to send to Kalia. Thank you SO MUCH Lisa! We tried to keep it small, since it was taking up valuable space in their luggage.

We sent an outfit (We are pretty sure this will fit her now, but not sure if it would fit when we brought her home. So we figured she might as well get some use out of it now), a small taggie blanket I made, a pink elephant lovey, a disposable camera, a small album I filled with pictures of all of us plus the dog & cat, some Jelly Belly candy and some questions for the orphanage staff/nannies (that I found here). Kalia's orphanage is very good about answering the questions and returning the cameras, so I can't wait to read what they wrote & see the pictures!

In decorating news....Dan finished staining the dresser today and got the new ceiling fan up. We're hoping to start on the bookcase this weekend, though we're not sure the weather is going to cooperate. It will be done by next weekend at the very latest. Everything is coming together nicely. Now all we need is Kalia!


  1. Busy, busy!! So much to do, time will pass quickly for you now!
    I am so nervous for our turn to get the shots … I am a needle sookie baby. I hope it all goes well!
    Smiles! :o)

  2. Cant wait to see the finished room. Its so nice to be busy getting ready for your precious daughter. Fingers crossed your LOA and TA arrive soon so you can get on that plane :)