February 26, 2009

Another Day....no LOA

Oh where, oh where is our L-O-A
Oh where, oh where can it be????

Our agency said to expect LOA a couple weeks after PA (which we received on Feb. 13). While I'm sure they were not meaning that in the literal sense, I was sure hoping & praying for it to be here this week. Unless it comes tomorrow, doesn't look like that's gonna happen. I know everything will happen in due time, but can everyone do some praying, crossing body parts, or whatever you think will help???
Come on LOA....I want my TA, so I can get my baby!!!!


  1. Sorry to hear, but be patient it will come. You have done so well throughout this whole journey, so just a little further and you'll be at the finish line. You and my precious neice are in my prayers. Stay Strong!

  2. Oh how I know how you feel!!! We are still waiting for our PA!! It has been 5 weeks now and we are really hoping to get it next week. We are LID 9/1/06, so we thought we would move quickly! There is just know telling with adoption is there? I hope and pray that next week, we both get some great news!