March 03, 2009

RQ and Basketball

No....those two really have nothing to do with each other :)

First.....Basketball: Amanda had her first basketball game today (6th grade team), and they WON!!!! (37-9).

I didn't get to attend (bummer!), but heard she played GREAT! She's getting really good at stealing the ball, and looking down the court for her teammates. She's going to be a really good player by the time she gets to play on the regular school team next year.

Second....RQ: We finally made the "Babies" Post!!!!! I've been waiting almost 2 1/2 years to see our blog listed in this post. I'm so excited to finally announce it's our turn to show off our beautiful little girl!

And just because she's's another picture


  1. She is gorgeous!!!

  2. She is so sweet! Congratulations:)