September 27, 2008

Double the Fun!

Guess who stayed the weekend with us!

I'll give you a hint....

My twin nieces! Aren't they the cutest little things?!

We had such a good time. My sister brought them up Friday afternoon...just before the girls got home from school. I wasn't home from work yet, but Dan said the girls were so excited to see the twins that they came in the door, grabbed them, and took them to the park down the street! They played hard for the next hour or so. By then I was home and got to join in the fun!

They ate some yummy dinner (beef ravioli and fresh spinach)...

Played with the ball...the baby doll...and the bunny....

and took a bath...

Around 9:30 we decided it was time for bed (the girls were not at all tired, but we read them a story...or 2 or 3...and tucked them in...I don't think they fell asleep until close to 11:30!)

On Saturday the fun started all over! More playing at the park....more jumping on the trampoline....more chasing the ball.

It was a great weekend, and I hope I can do it again soon.

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