September 28, 2008

So....what do you think?

I thought my blog needed a new look. I love fall and all it has to offer. Festivals....cooler weather....the leaves changing colors...

I thought it turned out pretty good. One of these days it won't take me most of the day to do (Ha! Ha!)

I'd like to make another one for Christmas. Maybe I should start now!!!! :)


  1. I love it, fall is my favourite time of year. I wish I had the knowledge and skills to do mine myself!

  2. I love looks great! Happy Fall!
    I have read you last few posts and honestly, I think you stay busier than me! I didn't think it was possible! Hahaha! ;) It sounds as if you all have been having lots of fun!

  3. Cool! I should learn how to do that.

  4. Looks really great Brandi, also wish I knew how to do it for my own blog.
    Love Fall.