September 27, 2008

Catching Up

Wow....I can't believe it's been 12 days since I last posted. Where has the time gone?

So, what's put me so behind on posting? A little this....a little that....
  • Last Saturday the girls had their combined birthday party. Amanda turned 12 in August, and Emilee turns 10 in October. Since we seem to be running out of weekends (Dan works every other), we asked the girls if they would mind combining their parties. They didn't mind, so we picked a day that was in between both of their birthdays....3 weeks after Amanda's and 3 weeks before Emilee's. They will still have their individual "fun" days (Amanda played laser tag the weekend after her birthday, and Emilee has plans to attend a huge indoor maze), but this helps with planning a day for family to help celebrate.

The girls decided to do a roller skating party. They each got to invite 1 friend (since our family is HUGE that was all the kids we could deal with), and all the family. Most in my family have never roller skated before (all the kids are under 8), but they all had a great time. Even the 2 year old twins skated for a bit. It was HOT in there, but what a blast!

(Nope....Peyton didn't skate....but isn't he cute?!)

  • Monday we got the girls signed up for Girl Scouts. They are both in the same Troop this year which will be great for me!

  • Thursday was my company BBQ. This was the first one we've had in almost 8 years! It's amazing what happens when you get bought out by a larger company, one who doesn't mind spending just a little bit to show how much they appreciate their employees! It was a lot of fun...lots of games....lots of good food....a magic/juggling show....just lots of fun!

I think that catches me back up.

The rumor is that referrals are on their way. Earlier this week there was a fear that referrals may be scaled back this month due to the melamine scare in the formula. I don't think that is an issue any longer (not that there isn't still some problems with the formula, but just that I don't think they will hold up referrals), so I'm hoping for a BIIIIIIIGG month! Come on CCAA!

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