August 10, 2008

Opening Cermoney 2008 Olympics

I don't think there is any way for me to describe the opening ceremony. WOW!! It was amazing...stunning...phenomenal....indescribable! It was just something you would have had to have seen...I don't think anyone can describe it.

Let's see...

To the beat of sparkling explosions, the crowd counted down the final seconds before the show began. 2,008 drummers pounded out rhythms with their hands, then acrobats descended into the stadium as rockets shot into the sky.

From there we had martial arts dancers, decked out in lighted costumes, all dancing while a gentleman and a 9 year old play the piano. These dancers were amazing. There were absolutely no lines marked on the floor, but the dancers were always in perfect symmetry. At one point they were running full speed, in a perfect circle. Absolutely amazing!

There were dancers dancing on an LED screen, while painting a landscape of the mountains of China. Yes, they were painting as they were dancing!

They finished the ceremony with one of the most creative ways of lighting the Olympic Torch. Li Ming, a former Olympic gymnast, was hoisted to the top of the stadium, and carried by wire all the way around the stadium to the torch...all the while looking like he was running along the screen that goes around the top of the "Nest". Beautiful!

After the opening ceremony was the Parade of Nations. There are approx. 205 countries participating this year. Of course, I'll be cheering on Team USA!

This was by far the best opening ceremony ever! The Chinese people have worked hard to prove to the world they are a rapidly growing country, capable of keeping up with the best of us.

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