August 10, 2008

FCC Summer Picnic

Yesterday we attended the annual summer picnic with our FCC group. We had an especially good time this year, as one of our waiting families just came home with their daughter, Lindley. Lori & Brian was LID early 2007, but recently adopted Lindley after switching to the SN program.

She is the cutest little thing. And while she wasn't crazy about going to me, she had a great time with Amanda. She did finally let me hold her toward the end of the evening, for just a couple minutes.

The picnic was a lot of fun. There was yummy food (which was a good thing, because with the kitchen remodel we hadn't eaten all day and were STARVING by the time we got there), lots of good people, the cutest little girls and fun activities (like fishing, badmitton & water balloon fun).

Can't wait til the next get-together in October. One of these days we'll get to bring Kalia!

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