August 07, 2008

Beijing Olympics


8 is said to be a very lucky number in China. Not only will the opening ceremony be held on 8-8-08, but they will start at 8:08:08, local time. Will this date & time prove lucky for the Chinese?

I, for one, am really excited to watch the Olympics. Synchronized swimming and gymnastics are 2 of my favorites, but I like to watch baseball, beach volleyball, and a bunch of others as well.

I hope the U.S. fairs well at the games this year. I'll be tuning in to NBC on occasion. Here are a couple links you can go to for all the Olympic 411.

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  1. Hi Brandi! Just stopping by to say hello. We'll be tuning in to the Olympics, too. I love the equestrian stuff, but it is usually not covered much in primetime. Gymnastics and swimming are also fun to watch.