August 03, 2008

What a week!

Phew....I'm tired!
  • We have some fairly major changes going on at work, so I ended up working approx. 10 hours yesterday. Yuck! The really bad part is we (I worked with one of my colleagues) only got about half-way, so we'll end up working another Saturday soon. She's on vacation next week, and I'm filling in for her next Saturday (approx. 3 hours) and Tuesday evening (another hour or 2), so it'll probably be the 16th before we can finish up. That's 3 Saturdays in a row for me. Double Yuck!

  • School is starting in 13 days. Where has the summer gone?! I was thinking a couple days ago that school is starting in approx. 2 weeks, and I haven't gotten any of their school supplies or clothes. I better get on it! So today we purchased some cute clothes to start the year off with, and all of their school supplies. They should be all set.

  • My van is costing me a fortune this year! Before we went to Colorado in May, I had the driver's side power window fixed, new spark plugs and something else I can't remember. I took it in Monday to have new tires put on ($300), new front brakes ($100) and to have freon added (or so I thought...$50). Turns out the compressor needs replaced, so my $50 estimate turned into a $1000 job. Yikes! I guess the good news is it's almost paid off and it'll be back to brand new soon, right?!

  • We're still working on the kitchen remodel. We've gotten all new cabinets on the island (and a new pantry), a brand new stainless steel dishwasher (which I haven't decided if I like. It's beautiful...but a major PITA to keep clean), and just this weekend we put in a new tile floor. It's all coming together beautifully. The grout is still drying (and will be for the next 3 days), so it's kind of a major pain. The refrigerator is in the hallway. We got the stove put back today, but we're trying to stay completely out of the kitchen until the grout is completely dry and sealed. If we get anything in the grout (dirt, crumbs, spills, etc...), it will be there forever. It looks awesome!!! The only things left to do now is add the back to the island, the corbels under the counter, the toekicks, the hardware (drawer pulls & knobs) and transition the carpet to the tile. I can't wait to see it all finished.

Here's the mess I had Saturday afternoon:

And here's what it looked like Sunday morning:

What do you think so far?

(Ignore the smudges on the dishwasher. I took the picture before cleaning up after doing the tile. I told you it's hard to keep it clean)

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  1. Beautiful! It looks really good. I bet you cannot wait to have it finished.