July 06, 2008

4th of July Recap - Take 2

The fun continued into Friday!

We didn't do much in the morning...a little cleaning and playing...then headed into town around 5 to get ready to watch the concert.

Every year the city puts on a very nice outdoor concert. This year it was Starship. What a great concert! They played all my favorite songs...."Sara", "Set the Night to Music", "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now", and of course "We Built This City". The weather was absolutely beautiful (low 80's) and for once we could just relax and enjoy the concert (without sweating to death).

After the concert we headed back to where we'd parked the car (our usual parking spot at the very top of a parking garage overlooking the river), to settle in and watch the fireworks show. We always bring lawn chairs and everyone just has a nice little "party" while we wait for the show to begin. The fireworks are always choreographed, so we all turn the radio up and enjoy!

We had a great holiday....hope yours was too!

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  1. Excellent pics! We tried so hard to get good firework photos but even our best ones weren't as good as any of these.