July 06, 2008

4th of July Recap

What a fun, long weekend we've had around here!

On Thursday we had a BBQ with my family. There was lots of good food, swimming, horseback riding, and of course, fireworks.

My parents are working on putting a swimming pool in their backyard, and had some leftover sand. It didn't take the kids long to find that! Nothing is more fun than a pile of sand.

After lunch, the kiddos jumped in the pool. We have been having absolutely beautiful weather here in MO, and the temps were only in the upper 70's, which left the water pretty chilly. It didn't take them long to get used to it, and they played for a couple hours.

We didn't need to leave to reserve a spot to watch fireworks til around 7, so we decided to go horseback riding. Of course it wasn't planned, so none of us had jeans/tennis shoes, and riding in shorts/flip flops is not the most comfortable! But we did it anyway (and have the bruises to show for it). Still can't get Emilee to get on one (she loves to pet & play with them, but won't ride), but me & the other girls had a blast!

Around 7:30 we headed up to reserve our spot at the airstrip, where they shoot off fireworks. For a small town, they really put on a good show. It was very cool (around 68, I think) with a breeze, so it made it a little smoky, and kept blowing the stuff from the fireworks into our eyes, but they were still very pretty. It's always a lot of fun to watch the fireworks through the eyes of a young child. They were just mesmerized!

It was a great day!

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