June 01, 2008

Fun at the Park

These were taken a couple weeks ago. The girls were "bored", which happens quite a bit (what's up with that anyway? They have twice as much stuff as we did when we were kids, but are always bored!)

Anywho, they were bored so Dan took them to the park. (I was at work). He got some fun shots of them. Enjoy!


  1. Fun pictures. Two days into summer vacation, and I heard those same words this afternoon, "I'm bored"!!
    Maybe we'll go to the park!

  2. Brandi,
    I am an fcc member and saw your blog address on your post. LOVE IT! Can't wait to meet your new daughter.
    Annette Knopf

  3. I don't get that "I'm bored" comment either and I heard it a lot when our son was young and now Grace says it too...