June 08, 2008

Another Fun, Busy Week

This week, like most of our weeks in the summer, seemed to just fly by. We were supposed to have Amanda’s first ball game on Tuesday, but the other team asked if we could reschedule. So instead we had a scrimmage with the other local team. We did not keep score, but I know our girls all played really good. This Tuesday will be our first game. The girls have been working hard at practice, so I know we’ll see a good game.

Thursday I found out 2 of my co-workers were leaving. One is taking another job within the company, and the other is moving out of town. So, I know what I’ll be doing the next few weeks. Training! Yeah! Why is it that people always decide to leave at the busiest time? Oh well, guess I’ll stay busy at least :)

This weekend was beautiful. HOT, but beautiful (low 90’s). Summer is definitely here. We decided it was time to set up the pool. You know how kids are…if you want help you usually have to beg. Well, setting up the pool is one of the few things they’ll do fairly willingly! It’s a pretty big pool, so usually takes about an hour to set up, then another 10 hours or so to fill up (YIKES…a nice little water bill we’ll have next month).

So, while it was filling up, I took the girls and a friend to see Kung Fu Panda. What a hilariously cute movie! Jack Black was awesome as Po! I recommend it to everyone.

Amanda stayed the night with a friend, and Emilee and I came home and raced each other on some Mario game. I’m embarrassed to say she beat me most of the time, but I came back a little in the end (10 to 6, I think).

Sunday I weeded the gardens, watched Emilee swim, touched up some paint on the door, took Emilee to a friend’s house to play/swim and then to ball practice that evening. Yep…a typical weekend.

Since we’d all worked so hard this weekend, and the weather was perfect for grilling, we threw together some yummy kabobs for dinner. Yum! Yum!

I’m guessing this next week will be just as busy (3 games this week, then celebrating Father’s Day with my family on Sunday).

Now…bring on those referrals!!!!!!

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  1. What a busy weekend you had! We saw Kung Fu Panda too. I loved it! It was so funny and I couldn't help watching the some of the background scenes of China and thinking "We're gonna go there"! Some day. :)