April 07, 2008

Airplanes, Spiderman & Princesses

An odd combination, you say???

And I would have to agree. But I can explain :)

It's all about the family...2 nephews and a niece, to be exact!

You see, this weekend was their birthday parties. My family has 4 nephews and a niece with birthdays all within 8 weeks of each other. We live 45 minutes away. So, in an effort to include as many family members as possible, and not tie up EVERY weekend in the last 2 months, my sisters decided to combine birthday parties. 2 of my nephews had parties in February, and the other 2 nephews and a niece had parties this weekend. Much better!

We have twin nephews who just turned 5 (Happy Birthday, Malachi & Gavin) and a niece that just turned 7 (Happy Birthday, Aria). Obviously the princesses is for Aria...the airplanes is for Malachi and Spiderman is for Gavin. Yep...3 cakes. I mean, just because we're combining parties doesn't mean they can't each have their own cake, right? The decorations themselves were very basic, so as to match all the cakes. It really was a great time! And we couldn't have asked for better weather (upper 60's, and all sunshine!).

We were able to eat some cake, open some presents and play outside for a bit. We had a great time (and hopefully played hard enough to wear off all that sugar they consumed).

Even the baby joined in (he'll be 1 in July, so he's getting some practice :)


  1. What a fun weekend! Great idea to combine the birthday parties - the more the merrier, right! And having three cakes was the only way to go!!
    :) Ashley

  2. Sounds like you all had a great time! Love the pics of baby with blue frosting...made me laugh...so cute. :)