April 09, 2008

To KC we go
It's fingerprint time again
Yeah! More paperwork

OK, so it's not the best haiku. But it's the best I could come up with right now :)

So, yes. Today we took a quick trip (2.5 hours each way) and visited the USCIS office in Kansas City. While fingerprinting is no fun, I do have to say KUDOS to the KC office! They rock! We were in & out in under 20 minutes...both of us!!!! They are always fast, efficient & friendly. I know many of you have horrible experiences with USCIS, and while I don't really want to have to go through all of this again, I'm glad we have such a wonderful office to deal with. I really wish they were all this nice.

Anyway, we took the girls to school this morning and headed that direction. We knew from last time that they're pretty efficient, so we hoped it would be the same this time, as we decided to not have my mom come up to watch the girls after school and just let them stay home alone for a bit. We let them stay alone on occasion, but it's never been for more than 30 minutes...and we've not been far away. I was a little nervous knowing that if we got stuck in traffic, or the appointment took longer than we thought, that they'd be home alone for longer than we'd like. But there comes a time when you have to relax and give them a chance to prove to us they can handle it. So we left them this morning with the usual strict instructions to come straight home from school, come inside & stay inside, lock the doors, answer the phone (in case we call...but don't stay on for long), don't tell anyone you're home alone...you know. Deep down I knew they'd be fine, but I had a couple of their friends' mother's phone numbers...just in case :)

As it was, we got home about 30 minutes before they got out of school. I felt better...but they were a little disappointed they didn't get to stay home alone. I'm sure there'll be another time :)

Anyway, if they are as fast as they were the first time, we should have our new I-171h in our hands in a couple weeks. Another thing down. Hoping (:cross fingers:) that we don't have to do this again (but betting we probably will) :(


  1. It must be good to have that done again. I'm waiting for my letter to go get finger printed again. Let's hope we don't have to do this again!
    LID 11/22/06

  2. whoohoo Brandi! Isn't it nice when something works out well like this? We had a very similiar experience when we were fingerprinted in March, and BTW our new I-171H came to us quickly too...in about a weeks time. I'm really hoping we don't have to do this again, but kind of doubt it. :)

  3. Brandi,
    Congrats on your quick fingerprints. The Cleveland office was quick with fingerprinting, but took about 5-6weeks before we got our I171H. That's amazing how quick they are.

    My boys keep asking to be left alone for short periods of time. Oldest is 11 and then 8. I've left them home for about 15 min. once but I agree they do need to be given an opportunity, especially since he starts middle school this fall. My how quickly they grow! Also knowing they got each other helps just like with your girls.