December 10, 2007

This & That

A few little things to report:

1. My hairbow buddy for last month was Lisa. The package came this afternoon and I want to say "Thanks" for the really cool hairbow holder and pair of Halloween type hairbows. I've been wanting to get a holder and really like the one you picked out. Now, if you could just let me know where you got it so I can purchase another one. Unfortunately, one is just not gonna cut it...too many bows already and many more to come, I'm sure : )

2. I wasn't gonna purchase anything for Kalia this year for Christmas, but I found this bracelet at A Crystal Garden awhile back and went ahead and purchased it. I guess you can say that's her present for this year. I really like it, and will probably order some more. (Just a little plug for A Crystal Garden...they're great. I've ordered from them MANY times and their prices are very reasonable and GREAT quality. Go ahead...give them a try)

3. Mother Nature's not done playing with us yet. The forecast for tonight is about .5" to 1" of additional freezing rain. Unfortunately the trees are so full of ice now, the limbs won't be able to hold much more before they snap off. Dan spent most of the day cleaning up the yard. Everytime he'd get the driveway cleared so I could get in, another big branch would fall and he'd have to start over. Maybe it won't be as bad as they say.

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  1. What adorable little hair dealies!

    The pictures of the storm were amazing! I hope Mother Nature takes it easy on you this time!

    Smiles! :o)

  2. We've got snow, but you guys have it worse with all that ice. Hope you get some sunny skies soon.

    What a cute hair bow holder! And the bracelet is beautiful.

  3. I feel so bad for you all with the ice, hoping it is gone soon.

    Darling hair bow holder by the way. :)