October 02, 2007

September Cybershower Gift

The theme for this month was "Bedtime"

Shannon in MA sent the cutest pairs of p.j.s (3 in all). I absolutely LOVE the super-soft fuzzy pink pair! She also sent the most cuddly, warm blanket.

I can't wait to see little Kalia wearing everything. She's going to be the cutest little thing!

Thanks so much, Shannon. We love everything!


  1. CUTE! I need to get involved in some of your swap groups! I think that would be SO fun. How did you get involved with this & how can I join in? I love shopping.... & "retail therapy" during this WAIT is some days the only thing that keeps me half way from losing my mind. My hubby would be thrilled for me to buy for someone else so we won't have to build on a room just to hold Mia's stuff before she comes home! HA! Jen P.

  2. I love PJ's! These are all so sweet. I didn't join this months swap but now after seeing everyones cute stuff, I wish I had! I will remember this next time we get one started!

  3. Very cute PJ's! I'd like an adult fuzzy pair for me:-) I'm really enjoying all these swaps. My hubby thinks I'm crazy with all these swaps, but he says whatever makes me happy.....so I say shop shop shop!!!!