October 02, 2007


Almost a year ago I found this cool website on Ebay (Beyond Bedding). They have some really nice crib sets that you can get for really good deals. I fell in love with a green & cream toile print

and purchased a 9 piece set for less than $90, including shipping (the set included the comforter, bed skirt, sheet, toy bag, diaper stacker, 2 valances, small pillow and bumper pad).

Well, with this long wait I decided to change my color scheme a little, and noticed that they have the most beautiful sage green/pink set (still 9 pieces).

I HAD to have it! (My hubby thinks I’ve lost my mind!) It’s a little more “girly”, but not so much that it makes me sick (I’m not a ruffles & lace, pastel pink kind of girl…if you get my drift). I’m finding that I do like some shades of pink, but mostly the darker, more coral-type pinks (does this make any sense?) Anyway, here’s a picture of the set I purchased (for less than $80, including shipping. I LOVE Ebay).

Hopefully my tastes won’t change again (because I think hubby will kill me…just kidding…kinda) I’ve liked these colors for quite some time now, and I found this design about 6 months ago and I still like it, so….

Now…off to Ebay to list the other set.


  1. VERY PRETTY, both of them! Glad you have gotten good deals on them both & I totally understand about being somewhat undecided about the colors/theme. We still haven't decided! We just know that we want something that will grow with Mia. We are not into really "kiddy", "cartoony" stuff. We prefer more timeless items. We are not much on themes per say either. It is difficult choice & one that we will no doubt go back & forth on. We know we will move again soon, probably before Mia comes home (hubby's job will transfer him), so getting into any kind of home decorating projects is something that I don't have much motivation for knowing that we most likely won't be in this house long! Anyhow, can't wait to see pics of the girls finished rooms & the nursery as it progresses! Jen P.

  2. I had a DANGEROUS addiction to E Bay for a few months there. ;) I like both sets, and I am sure you'll have a beautiful nursery for Kalia.

  3. I love it, Brandi!! Very pretty. I like the first one too but I understand the need for a little pink!
    I, like Tamara, had an addiction to eBay a while back and got Ruthie's bedding during that time. I am now on eBay restriction! ;)
    I can't wait to see your nursery when it is all completed...and with a sweet baby girl in it!!

  4. I love the colors in the new bedding. Beautiful set! Can’t wait to see the finished room!

    I might start on “Maggie’s” room in another year :-P

    Smiles! :o)

  5. I love both sets of nursery bedding. Keep us posted on the nursery!