September 12, 2014

{Back to School}


It’s that time of the year again.
School started for my kiddos Aug. 20 (Caiden started Aug. 13). A month in and they are doing fantastic!

A senior…a sophomore…a 1st grader…and a preschooler.

IMG_0626 IMG_0623

Amanda: I’m a little stressed right now…and anxious, knowing my oldest has only a few more months with me until she heads off to college on her own. Have I done a good enough job preparing her for the real world? What have I missed? She is such a good girl… and is preparing herself well…taking college prep courses, working hard at both school & her job. She’s prepping to take the ACT in Dec. and doing dance again this year. It’s going to be a busy year with ACTs, applying to colleges, senior pictures, graduation prep, etc. She’s ready….way more so than I am  :)


IMG_0622 IMG_0629 And Emilee: This girl has grown so much in the past couple years. Gone are most of the teenage drama days. She is fiercely loyal, loves her family. She is working hard this year to prove that she’s not the same girl from a couple years ago. She’s back to playing softball, which she loves…despite all the politics. She’s still involved in dance…and has added speech & debate to her extracurricular activities. She will be 16 in just a few months and is working on filling out applications to get her first job. I sometimes worry that she’s taking on too  much….but I think she has something to prove to both herself & me that she can do it. And I know she can!

IMG_0617 IMG_0636 


Kalia: This sweetie surprises me all the time. She started school and it’s like she never left. We worried about not having her attend summer school…worried that she wouldn’t retain what she’d learned. We shouldn’t have worried. She picked up right where she left off and is already adding new skills. Her PT has dropped her back to 1/2 of what she was seeing her for…she’s doing so well. She’s barely behind her regular ed peers in sight words (and I mean BARELY) and is working hard to understand math. Her biggest problem is she just gets so tired by the afternoon that she gets a bit grouchy with her teachers. She may need a built-in rest period again this year.

IMG_0616IMG_0620 IMG_0613 Caiden: This boy…what can I say? He has integrated into this family just seamlessly. After a minor worry about being put on a big bus, he has adjusted to preschool with no problems. He loves seeing his teacher/friends and the 3 hours he’s there is doing wonders for his speech/social skills. He plays with others well, is working hard to learn his colors, knows his name/age and is just a huge joy!

So very blessed with all my kiddos. Can’t wait to see how they grow this year!

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  1. Such a beautiful family! Love the paint party, did you have an outdoor shower?