August 30, 2014

{The Party}

Well…I did it.

I went & allowed by 18 year old daughter to choose a party she’s been wanting to do for a couple years.


IMG_0642 IMG_0643 IMG_0644

And…while it was super messy…it was SO MUCH FUN! I think my sister might have had more fun that the kids.

IMG_066410424270_928931840455813_6509576253132847149_n[1] IMG_0675

IMG_0673IMG_0669 IMG_0681_2

We hung up canvases to splatter and they had fun doing that. But it quickly turned into using the human body as a canvas. Paint washes off the body very easily, but the hair is another story.

IMG_0647 IMG_0640 IMG_0654

IMG_0665 IMG_0663

Caiden had a blast. It took Kalia a bit to get interested, but even she participated for a little while.

IMG_0667 IMG_0661 IMG_0658

My nieces have already requested one for their next party, though I think that idea was shut down by the parents :)

IMG_0692_2IMG_0688_2 IMG_0686_2

After hotdogs & ice cream sundaes, we called it a day. Amanda had  a few friends stay the night and a couple others come over for awhile. They walked to the park &, while playing around, she proceeded to fall off a swing & fracture her nose. Not a great ending to a wonderful party, but it’s definitely one for the memory books :)

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