June 09, 2014

{Update on Kalia}

Today I’m linking up with Kelly’s Korner to blog about special needs.


Kalia has hypoplasia of the corpus callosum. It’s a very co mplex disorder but basically she’s missing (or in her case, it’s there but just mis-formed) the corpus callosum, which is a band of fibers that connects the two hemispheres of the brain & allows them to work together. Symptoms vary GREATLY from having no issues to loss of speech, hyptotonia, cognitive disabilities, developmental delays, etc.

Kalia’s main issues are her lack of speech & language. She is 6 years old & cannot talk at all. She does make some sounds, and attempts to sign, but because of fine motor delays signing is hard for her as well. (She also has global developmental delays, poor motor coordination, hypotonia, etc., but the lack of speech & language is the biggest obstacle for her).

She does continue to grow & learn and for this we are thankful. She had a great year at school and there are very noticeable changes between the first & last days. Her teachers are pleased with her progress. In some ways she’s right on track with her peers in learning and in others she’s WAY behind. She attends regular school and is in both the mainstream & special ed classes.

She is very rigid with schedules (don’t deviate from them without LOTS of prior warning) but has gotten much better throughout the year. She participates in all activities, most without any issues. She has learned to use a computer & mouse with amazing results (she can log onto her favorite internet sites & navigate them with no outside help). Her physical/gross motor skills are improving tremendously. She can kick a ball, balance on one leg, jump, catch & throw (still has issues with these, but they’re improving).  Check out this this post where she’s participating in & LOVING Field Day!

I’m so proud of her & how hard she works. It’s hard to watch  her work so much harder than typically developing children for things that should come natural. And of course the mommy guilt…am I doing all I can? I don’t think that will ever go away.

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