March 24, 2014

{The Zoo}

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Today we thought we’d check out the zoo.

Located in the middle of a city of 10 million…seems pretty funny to me :)

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It was a nice way to get out, get some exercise…but that’s about all I can say. It’s a zoo…nothing extra special :)

And the fact that our guide really annoyed me made me wish we’d stayed home &/or checked it out by ourselves one day. We missed at least half the zoo because she wouldn’t let us wander. Every time we’d try to go a different direction & check something out, she’d make us go the opposite. Grrr!!! Grated on my nerves big time!

We did get to see then pandas:

IMG_3589 IMG_3594


and pigs! Interesting choice of animal for a zoo :)

IMG_1202 IMG_1203


IMG_1213 IMG_1212

For dinner, we met with our friends again (plus a new family) and ate at the noodle restaurant. That place is AMAZING!!! Seriously…so, good! We ordered dumplings & a noodle dish to share…it was plenty. Caiden ate some noodles and some sort of custard type dish they brought for the littles at no charge. Not a soul spoke English, so it was a little difficult to communicate, but so worth it!


IMG_1190 IMG_1193
Caiden has also decided his baths are not horrible. Not great, but tolerable :)

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