March 25, 2014

{Consulate Appt}

The end is near.


Today we had our consulate appt. – where we apply for Caiden’s visa so he can enter the US & become a citizen.

It’s nothing fancy. Just a big room where you repeat an oath (I honestly don’t even remember what we’re repeating), then hand all paperwork over for the visa (which will be put into his Chinese passport & picked up the next day). Once that’s received, we’re cleared to leave China & head home.

IMG_1232 IMG_1238

After the appt. we went back to Shamian Island for a couple hours. Bought a few more things and had lunch at Lucy’s. I didn’t have time to get any more pictures, but I sure wish I had. Caiden decided french fries were really good!

IMG_3632 IMG_3640



Then we went back to the hotel & actually walked around & explored it a bit. Found an outdoor play area, the pool, etc. Loved looking at the koi fish. It’s a beautiful hotel. Almost wish Caiden had been from Guangzhou so we could have stayed the entire time here & explored Guangzhou more.

Tomorrow we pick up the visa & head for Hong Kong. Almost home!

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