September 14, 2013

{Another Year Older}


It seems so grown up. So much older than five!
(I’m sure I said the same thing about age five last year)

We decided to get our birthday pictures out of the way early in the morning. Only thing is I forgot to check the batteries…oops! So, after getting a couple pictures in we headed back home to charge batteries.

Worked in our favor though, because the sun came out & it was beautiful!

Kalia is not much for picture taking. We have to really work at getting a smile out of her (she’s so serious in front of the camera). But once she relaxes, the smiles really start coming out (and it helps when her sisters are being totally insane behind the camera!)


Here’s how we started out…

She’s signing “heart”…notice not much of a smile.


She warmed up a bit more, but still pretty blah…



Then she started getting goofy…




But by the end, Emilee had charmed her with her funny antics…and a few chocolate chips…




And I was finally able to get that beautiful smile that I’d been waiting for.


6 years old

Love this gorgeous 6 year old! So blessed to call her my daughter!

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