July 07, 2013



I’m so glad Emilee decided to play softball again this year.

It’s been good for her, as she really enjoys it and it makes her feel good about herself (because she’s pretty good). It’s been good for us because I really missed going to the ball park a couple times a week & watching her play.

And it’s been a really good year for the whole team.

Undefeated, baby!

And they’ve been playing so well that their coaches decided to enter them in the Missouri Show-Me Games! How cool is that?!

These pictures were taken from the other night. Unfortunately this team isn’t one of their biggest competitors and they won easily 25-1, but the girls played awesome!

Way to go, girls! Can not wait to watch you all compete the end of the month!

IMG_2398 IMG_2400

IMG_2401 IMG_2402


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  1. I love the ball field too! Can't wait until Lia Kate gets to come along!!

    Good luck on the rest of the games!!