June 09, 2013

{Arizona 2013 – The Early Days}

The Early Days…otherwise known as the days before the rest of the family join the fun :)

The first couple days Amanda & Dan stayed with his uncle…family Amanda hasn’t seen since she was probably 10 years old.

She somehow convinced Uncle Junior to take her fishing, where she caught 2-3 fish.

IMG_2087 IMG_2090


She also forgot how intense the Arizona sun can be…even when the temps are really mild. She got a yucky burn :(

They enjoyed their time with Jr. & Judy, but soon headed to the other side of the Valley (Surprise area) to stay with his aunt Diane and get ready to watch his daughter, Danielle, graduate high school.

IMG_2100 IMG_2102

IMG_2114 IMG_2115

All the while, Emilee, Kalia and I were back home just itching for our time to join the fun.

We flew out Wednesday evening…landing about 9:30 local time. It was a good trip. Kalia did really well. She loved watching the planes before boarding, and played quietly the entire trip.

After a quick stop through Taco Bell for some late dinner, we made it to Diane’s house and were quick to fall into bed (our bodies were still on CST time, and it felt like about 1 a.m.).

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