June 09, 2013

{Arizona 2013 – The drive}

Amanda & Dan decided to drive to Arizona…about a 23 hour adventure.

They left early Saturday morning and headed to his dad’s for breakfast, then hit the road for a long day. It was a nice, easy drive thorough Oklahoma and Texas, where they stopped in Amarillo for the night.

After just snacking all day, they were ready for a nice meal & comfy bed.

They found a restaurant called Blue Sky, which served the biggest hamburgers I’ve ever seen!



After a good night’s rest, they headed out again.



Through New Mexico (which they said was BORING!)…

IMG_2041 IMG_2038_aphrodite

IMG_2043 IMG_2047_goldvintage

IMG_2050_goldvintage IMG_2056_goldvintage


and then through the mountains of northern Arizona (which is really pretty).

IMG_2066_sunny pop IMG_2068_sunny pop

IMG_2069_sunny pop IMG_2077_sunny pop

IMG_2079_sunny pop  IMG_2082_sunny pop

(isn’t it cool how the scenery changes as you head into the valley?
From mountains to big hills…from trees to bushes & cactus)

They finally made it to the valley around 6:00 Sunday night. It was a long drive, but they enjoyed bonding together.

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