March 02, 2013

{Drowning in Paperwork}

Oh my! I’m so excited to be adopting again. But so not looking forward to the paperwork!


Last time I enjoyed every part of the process…even the paperwork. This time I just want to get it all done, turned in & in line for a referral! And unfortunately there is a ton more paperwork this time around, as we’re Hague now.

So far I’ve gotten the following documents ready to send in to our agency for certification/authentication (or just for their records):
1. birth certificates
2. marriage certificate
3. application letter
4. personal pictures
5. passport pictures
6. my employment verification letter (still waiting on Dan’s but should have it ready early next week)
7. financial form

Our medicals are scheduled for the end of the month and our 1st homestudy visit is March 13. A lot of the paperwork for the homestudy is finished as well. I think we’re at a good place, just already tired of doing it.


  1. Man, the paperchase is awful. If you want to save some time & money, you can get all of your documents notarized & certified right there in JC at the same time. I think you live in JC, right?
    What agency are you using?
    Best of luck to you!

  2. I'm going through it at the exact rate you are and in the exact stage...I can't even fathom sending them to the consulate after state certification-its crazy!