January 01, 2013

December Fun


Kalia with the “K” she painted. She’s definitely in a growth/learning spurt right now & loves to point out letters, numbers & colors. Gets old sometimes…but I try not to get too annoyed as I’m so proud of what she’s learning.



The girls on spirit day at school. They each asked how to make their own tutu, then made it themselves (Amanda even had to work so didn’t even get started on hers until 9:45 or so. Now THAT’S school spirit!)





My sister has been working hard all year attending practical nursing classes. It’s been very hard on her, with lots of challenges along the way. It most certainly was NOT easy to work a part time job, raise 3 kids and attend full time school, but through it all she persevered and finally received her diploma. I’m so proud of her. Wishing her luck with getting her license soon.




Kalia got the opportunity to visit Santa at the mall & once again I was able to meet up with the class & watch her excitement. She loves Santa this year, but she was most excited when she learned she’d get to ride the train. Every time we’re at the mall she asks and we never have let her. So to see her finally get the “yes” she’s been waiting for…priceless!





Kalia’s preschool class put on a little Christmas show for us. Kalia didn’t participate much, but we were able to finally get her to at least stand up with the rest of the class (after a little encouraging).

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