December 26, 2012


“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…”


IMG_1507(notice where Kalia hung all her ornaments. I left them there the entire time…aren’t you proud of me?!)

I just love Christmas. Sadly I’m never able to accomplish everything I’d like to do. I had all sorts of thing pinned on Pinterest to try this year…tons of painting activities for Kalia, crafts for the home, ideas for decorating, etc. Sadly only a couple got done. I did make some really cool yarn trees that turned out pretty good. Maybe I’ll snap a picture & share soon.

We did have a really good Christmas this year, as always. I do have to say that it kind of snuck up on me. I always felt like it was so far away, and then all of a sudden it was Christmas Eve. Maybe that’s why none of those “pins” got done.


My bigs are outgrowing some of our traditions…time to come up with new ones. They voted against doing gingerbread houses (I could have pressed it, but honestly we’re back to the “ran out of time” excuse), Amanda wasn’t home when we hung the ornaments on the tree (she hung hers after she got off work, but it wasn’t the same. And yes, we could have waited, but she works pretty much every evening & we wanted the tree up so we could enjoy it).


We did have a wonderful time with some of our traditions…like seeing Santa,  baking cookies & looking at Christmas lights. Funny story: One of the houses in a nearby town went all out on decorating this year…even choreographed their lights to a local radio station. Dan, Kalia, Emilee & myself went one night (again Amanda was working) and Emilee danced to Gangnam Style in a random driveway. We were telling that story to Amanda while coming back from my sister’s house Christmas Eve and she wanted to see. So we ran her by. Down the street we saw Santa walking our way. We decided we’d do the Elf thing (you know: “Santa! It’s Santa! I know him! I know him!) when he got closer to us. About the same time Emilee made the comment how funny it would be if that song came on again. Not 10 seconds later, guess what came on? And guess who once again jumped out to dance in some random person’s driveway? Needless to say Santa definitely stopped by…and watched her be silly. She tried to get him to dance with her but he was having none of that. Kalia was dancing with her while the rest of us watched (laughed) from the car. I was bummed I didn’t have my camera.



As always Christmas Eve is spent with my family. We had a nice dinner then opened a few gifts and decorated gingerbread men/women. After that it was back home to feed the reindeer, fill stockings,  put together the plasma car that Kalia was getting from Santa, and get ready for the next busy day.


Christmas morning everyone slept in until about 7 (the girls didn’t get up until 7:30 or so). I put some cinnamon rolls in and Dan got started on making waffles. We finally sat down to open gifts.



I didn’t take many pictures since I decided to video this year. Amanda got gift cards to  Debs & Victoria Secret, a Visa gift card, sweats, pj’s, Call of Duty 3 and a new Wii remote and ear buds, socks & candy in her stocking. Emilee got pj’s, clothes, slippers, Journey gift card, Visa gift card, 1D CD & shirt and pretty much the same thing as Amanda in her stocking. Kalia got the plasma car, Hexi-snaps, SpongeBob boots/panties/shirt and her stocking held SpongeBob bubbles, candy, socks, and some crafts. Dan got a BB gun & a movie and I got Zumba & some really cool boots. We also got a new living room set & a new TV. (I only write this so I’ll remember…certainly not to brag).



(and you see who’s playing with Kalia’s legos…)

After getting ready we headed to Dan’s mom’s parent’s house for the usual Christmas lunch. Then over to his dad’s house for socializing & present opening. Emilee got her boots she was dieing for, Amanda got a bag and Kalia got SpongeBob lunchbox, legos & a movie. We finally headed home around 6. We were pooped and ready to just relax. Luckily I had one more day off work.

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