December 15, 2012

Candy Cane Hunt

The first of many holiday field trips/fun. And I actually was able to tag along.

Kalia was happy to see me when she arrived (I didn’t tell her I was going to meet her there). Surprise!


I wasn’t exactly sure what a candy cane hunt was. Turns out it was a little interactive skit where they first stop at the post office to get different packages to deliver to various people along their way. They’re to search for Sly Little Fox who had taken a package wrapped in candy canes.

They stop by an Indian village where they were able to do a little dance and pet various furs.

They stopped by the baker and got to decorate cookies.



Eventually they made their way to the sheriff, where Sly Little Fox had been thrown in jail. Turns out it was all a mistake as the package that he was accused of taking was actually his…but it looked similar to the sheriff’s, which just hadn’t been delivered yet.

After they decided to let Sly Little Fox out, since he didn’t really do anything wrong, the kids were given a candy cane and then got to visit Santa (which Kalia is enamored with this year).


IMG_1541_velvet peach

They also got to visit Santa’s workshop, where they colored paper ornaments, played with legos & played various games.




The kids all had a good time, and I was glad I was able to get away from work for a couple hours & spend time with her.

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