August 27, 2012

Sweet 16

“From morning till night , may your birthday be bright,
and nicer than ever before.. and as years come and go may your happiness grow and your dreams be fulfilled even more.”


My daughter…my BABY GIRL…is 16!

I know I say this every year, but seriously….where does the time go?

She is growing into such a beautiful & loving young lady…she makes me so very proud!


For her birthday this year I wanted to make it extra special.

I gave her a couple options & she decided on a DJ’d dance party with friends & family. Rain threatened to ruin our day, but God kept it away long enough for us to celebrate her special day.

Everyone began showing up around 5:30, right about the time Emilee & I left to get pizzas (all 11 of them!). When we got back the DJ already had the music playing and there were a few dancing away…and they didn’t stop for quite some time!

Unfortunately none of the guys she invited could make it (something about being 16 & having a job and not being able to get off on a Saturday night… Smile  ), but most of the girls came. They couldn’t have cared less if boys were there or not. They had a great time just dancing with each other. I don’t think they stopped dancing for more than a few minutes for at least the first couple hours. Then it was kinda hit & miss…but they were still out there having fun!






Even the big kids enjoyed themselves Smile



And Kalia was NOT going to be left out. She was right in the middle of the fun the ENTIRE time!




And this is what happens when you’re too tired to stand up & dance, but want to keep dancing Smile



Her cake was a big splurge this year. Isn’t it beautiful?


And we’re still munching on it. We ordered WAAAYYY too much, but at least it was good and we know for next time Smile




After the party the most of the girls stayed the night. My living room floor was packed with kids, and they were all out by 11! That’s when you know it was a good party…they danced so much they wore themselves out!

It was so much fun! I was later told by Dan that he overheard the girls telling Amanda this party was the most fun thing they did all summer! So glad Amanda got to share her special day with some of her good friends & family.

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  1. A blast!!! Definently the hit of my summer :) Hard to believe she is 16, but so glad to see her growing up into such a beautiful and well behaved young large part thanks to her wonderful parents! You guys are amazing and have out done yourselves...on both the party as well as parenthood. You make it all look easy :)