May 22, 2012

{Mixbook Review}

Every now & then I come across a really great product that I want to share with the world  few who read this blog.

Poor Kalia has been home 3 years now…and I just recently got a book made of our trip. Don’t judge…



I put it off for various time being the biggest one. It was also such a daunting task. I took 1000’s of pictures of my baby’s homeland. I couldn’t imagine trying to organize them, along with my thoughts, into any sort of nice keepsake.


I came across on the Groupon site. I got a really good deal on a groupon so did some research and decided to give it a shot.


From the very beginning it was SO EASY! Now, don’t get me wrong. It was still a daunting task. Remember…1000’s of pictures to organize. But this site made it almost (almost!) painless.


There are 1000’s of different graphics & backgrounds to use, along with many different fonts. You can choose a theme & just drop pictures in or build your own pages as I did. You can also choose from their many layouts or adjust the picture sizes & layouts to your own liking (as I did most the time). Often I would start with their layout, then add, delete or change sizes to suit me.




My final concern was quality. I wanted this book to be very high quality printing and I worried that I’d be disappointed with all the hours I’d put into it when it came in the mail. As it turns out I had no need to be worried. The printing was AMAZING. Very high quality.


And the prices? Very, very competitive. My book had 73 pages and ended up costing less than $100, including shipping. Well worth it for me to get such a priceless keepsake.

If I had to list one complaint it would be the fact that you can’t distort images. Now I know you don’t want to distort pictures, but some of their graphics are simply banners or colored boxes that could easily be kept the same width but thinner, but this program will not let you do that. Everything has to be adjusted proportionately. A small inconvenience…I worked around it just fine.

If you’re looking for a good quality, easy program to make a few photo books, be sure to check them out. I’m now in the process of making my 2011 family book. Can’t wait to get it done and take a walk down memory lane while looking at it.

(the pics above are all screen shots)

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