February 13, 2012

Early Valentine's Day

What a busy weekend!

My poor hubby has to work Valentine's Day this year so we celebrated a little early.

We started off by hitting the mall & doing a little shopping. We found a couple things for Kalia, and a couple shirts for Amanda & Emilee. Amanda also found a swimsuit that she just had to have. She was afraid if she waited they wouldn't carry that style any more.

After shopping we headed to our annual Valentine's lunch at Olive Garden. The girls just LOVE this outing. They get to order whatever they want, along with desert...which we NEVER do. Emilee had some sort of shrimp ravioli dish, Amanda had parmesan crusted tilapia (which was really good, and I don't like fish). I had chicken vino bianco and Dan had 3 cheese ziti. (Kalia had a little of everything :) )

After that we headed to Walmart for a few necessities, then to Kohls where the girls found a couple other things and I stocked up on clearance pj's for Kalia. I couldn't believe the amount of clearance they had and the prices! Can't beat $5 or less for 2 piece Carter's pj's!

Finally we headed home to relax for just a bit before Dan & I headed to the movies. We got Amanda started on her science fair project (more to come on that soon) and then we headed out. We decided to watch Chronicle. It was ok....a little slow in the beginning and kinda weird the way they made it....but the middle/end was really good.

Sunday we headed to Walmart again (to return an item and pick up some groceries this time), then back home to relax. Amanda again worked on her project (I think she ended up working almost 4 hours...she's almost finished), while I helped & got Kalia's Valentines ready. I decided to make her cards this year, and glue them to small pieces of candy. What do you think?

I sent Dan to the store for some bottled water. Should have been a 10 minute trip. An hour later (or maybe longer, I lost track of time) he finally shows back up. I couldn't be mad at him though because he bought me an early Valentine's gift:

I'm stoked! This thing is awesome!

Amanda got a regular Kindle for Christmas and I've loved reading on it. I mentioned I wanted the Fire for a couple different reasons (internet access, apps/games, and they have a speech app that Kalia could use for communication that has come highly recommended). Walmart was offering the Kindle for $199, but they were giving a $50 gift card with purchase. Can't beat that price! Thanks babe...I LOVE it!

All in all it was a GREAT weekend. Busy....but GREAT! And I was so needing a fun weekend with my family.

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  1. YAY...I got a kindle fire for Christmas. You will LOVE it.
    I'm planning on going to the FCC event next weekend. Maybe we'll finally meet face to face.
    Happy Valentine's Day