January 13, 2012

31 Days of Nothing {Unhealthy}

Well…I’ve been quite the slacker, haven’t I?

And I’ve been called out on it.

So I’m going to do my best to recap how the past week has gone.


Let me start by saying I’m a little bummed. I did my 2nd weigh in…and didn’t lose a thing!

Once you see what I’ve eaten I think you’ll know why. It’s not been a good (healthy) week Sad smile


I won’t recap every item of every day (cause I can’t remember every day), but I’ll do a few.

Day 7 – the worst thing today was lack of exercise (read as NONE), and a trip to Chili’s for dinner. Little Sliders…NOT GOOD for diets!

Day 8 – Ate pretty healthy today but again…no exercise

Day 9 – I actually did really well today. No breakfast (I know…bad!), Weight Watcher’s meal for lunch and taco salad (easy on the meat) for dinner. Had some carrot sticks for snack and got in a good exercise routine (20 minutes walking & 35 minutes stairmaster). Actually fell about 400 calories UNDER budget after exercise was factored in.

Day 10 – And this is where it starts really going downhill. Breakfast – 2 small maple pancakes with 2 t. peanut butter, Weight Watcher’s meal for lunch (so far so good, right?). BLT for dinner – not good, but we use turkey bacon & VERY little mayo so not as bad as it sounds. But then for snacks I had 4 Thin Mint cookies during the day and a Nutty Bar at night. ACK! And again, NO EXERCISE! Not a good day Sad smile

Day 11 – Again it started out good. Pancakes w/ peanut butter, Weight Watcher’s meal, broiled chicken wings & salad for dinner. But then a piece (or 2) of pumpkin pie was calling my name. I’m so ashamed! I did exercise for 45 minutes on the StairMaster, but it did nothing to offset the calories from the pie.

Day 12 – A much better day. Weight Watcher’s meal for lunch and 6” Subway Club on whole wheat (light mayo & lots of veggies…no cheese), a 1/2 bag of baked Lays for dinner. Unfortunately I opted for Dr. Pepper (not the diet kind either) and a cookie. Grrr…what is wrong with me this week. I exercised hard so still managed to come in under my daily calories (BARELY).

Day 13 – Did good today. Breakfast – maple pancakes with peanut butter. Lunch – Weight Watcher’s meal. Snack – Greek Yogurt. Dinner – about 3 oz. ham, 1/4 c. green beans & 1/2 c. mashed potatoes. Exercise was 45 minutes on elliptical and weight lifting.


So there you have it. Looking back I can definitely see how I didn’t lose anything. I guess I should be happy I didn’t gain anything!

Writing it down for everyone to see is going to keep me accountable. I failed this week, but I will definitely make up for it next week. I hope. No…I will!

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