November 02, 2011


Say hello to my Mexican seniorita, my beautiful skeleton and my lovely ladybug.

IMG_0013_ivory bleach

Oh…and my lovely rocker husband…

IMG_0024_ivory bleach


This year we spent Halloween at my sister’s (otherwise known as Pipi):

IMG_0039_ivory bleach


She put together a fun little party and we all had a great time. I was so proud of Kalia for actually participating in some of the games & activities.

IMG_0028_ivory bleach

IMG_0027_ivory bleach


We played a game where you had to carry a bat from one table to the next, using only air sucked through a straw. Then the kids dug through a bowl of cold spaghetti noodles to find eyeballs.

IMG_0051_ivory bleach

IMG_0053_ivory bleach

IMG_0052_ivory bleach


They did a craft of pumpkin, ghost & spider magnets.

IMG_0046_ivory bleach

IMG_0047_ivory bleach


They played another game where they had to run to a table, pick up a piece of the skeleton & bring it back. Once all pieces were back they had to assemble their skeleton in the proper order.


It was a lot of fun! Hoping she decides to do this again next year.

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