May 31, 2011

Mother’s Tea

A couple weeks ago, I was invited (along with all the other mother’s) to participate in a mother’s tea with Kalia.

If I was asked to describe Kalia that day, the term hellion might come to mind.

She was terrible! Not sure what on earth got into her, but OMG! I honestly have no idea, but it was bad!

She started out okay…did some marble painting and coloring,

and a matching game with her teacher.

But it all went downhill from there. We took off walking to the playground, and she threw an absolute fit. I took her back to the pavilion, took her potty (which she did go, so I thought that’s what she was whining about), then headed back down. She threw another fit on the way down and I finally picked her up & carried her. I figured once down there she’d play with her friends. Wrong! She sat on the sidelines & continued to carry on! Grrrrrr……

Anyway…it was a nice time for the other parents (minus the obnoxious whining from my child). Hoping the next mother/daughter outing goes better!

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