April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter was held at my sister’s this year.

It’s been raining like crazy here, and we were afraid the weather would ruin our plans for a fun day.

But, while the day started out raining, by the time we were supposed to meet at my sister’s to begin the festivities, the rain had disappeared, it had warmed up a little, and there was a promise of good times ahead!

dying eggs_easter 2011

We began the day with a little egg dying. We changed Kalia into an old t-shirt for dying, but ended up with no room at the table for her. It was no big deal. I gave her her eggs to decorate with a crayon, then I took them over to dye…less mess that way Smile

stuffing eggs_easter 2011After egg dying, all the kids had fun stuffing the eggs before they were hidden. It took Kalia a little bit to figure out why there was a big bowl of candy in front of her, but she was expected to put it in the egg and then the egg was removed from her sight! She finally got the hang of it and enjoyed stuffing just like the rest of them.

kalia_easter 2011

hunting eggs_easter 2011

Dan & my brother-in-law took the eggs and hid them the best they could. My sister’s yard is not huge, and there were close to 300 eggs! She had a small area roped off for the younger crowd (3 & under), where the eggs were not hidden…just laid out to pick up. Kalia is not super interested in the whole egg hunting thing. She does enjoy seeing what’s inside, though Smile

finding eggs_easter 2011


Tina (my sister) had also purchased 2 prize eggs for each child (she seriously knows how to through a party, doesn’t she?!). There was a whole prize table where each child could redeem their egg for a prize. Funny enough, it took Amanda & Emilee the longest to find their eggs!


bunny hop_easter 2011

cookiedecorating_easter 2011

After lunch, we also had cookie decorating, a scavenger hunt and a bunny hop race. The whole thing was lots of fun. (See what happens when I ask my sister to host Easter. I normally do it….now look what I have to follow. Thanks a lot, Tina….looks like Easter may just become yours each year Smile )

Seriously, it was a ton of fun. Everyone had a good time….adults included!

The traditional Easter dinner was saved for Sunday, where we celebrated alone…just Dan, the kids & myself. It was a nice, relaxing day with good food and good family time.

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  1. Looks like you all had a wonderful and fun Easter day celebration!