July 22, 2010

MN Vacation – Day 3 6.16.10

Finally…a sunny day!

We took advantage of it and headed north to Como Zoo. It’s a smaller zoo, but free (my price!) and fairly nice. There was a small kids center with rides & games, that we didn’t visit, but looked kinda nice.

We saw the monkeys, which Kalia loved, then watched them feed the seals, which we all liked.



We didn’t stay long….like I said, small zoo.


IMG_7578 Then we headed further north to a very neat working farm. Everything is farmed just as it was when Oliver Kelley owned it in the mid-1800’s.

Kalia spent the first part of the afternoon doing this:



But then we were able to play with a ton of animals (which was by far the kids’ favorite part!):





Walk the nature trails down along the Mississippi river:





And see the prairie land:


IMG_7577  IMG_7574

We had a really great time! Definitely worth the drive!

We ended our day with some good, old Kentucky Fried Chicken.

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