April 11, 2010



A quick recap of our Easter celebrations.

I couldn't wait to see Kalia celebrate her 1st Easter with us. This was her last 1st holiday (can you believe she's almost been home a year?!).

Check out this cool basket! I came across the tutu basket and just had to have it. The Easter Bunny brought her some sidewalk chalk, bubbles & bubble gun, a couple books, a musical recorder, fingerpaints, and just a couple pieces of candy. Amanda & Emilee got beach towels, flip flops, bubbles, sunglasses, barrettes & the New Moon movie.

Usually Easter is pretty quiet for us. We do an Easter egg hunt in the morning, then a nice meal with just us...we don't go anywhere, and noone comes up here.

With it being Kalia's 1st Easter I was excited to host a family dinner & egg hunt for all the kiddos.

We hid all the eggs, but Kalia didn't get to participate as she had fallen asleep during dinner. I was bummed, but not enough that I wanted to interrupt her nap. I would have, but knew there was a community hunt going on in the afternoon, so wasn't too worried about it.

The big kids had a lot of fun looking in some strange places for those little eggs.

And Kalia had a lot of fun at the community event, even if it did take her a bit to figure out what she was supposed to be doing. I think she only ended up with about 10 eggs, but since one of those was the golden prize egg, it turned out pretty good. There were a few prizes to choose from, but she thought this blue bunny was perfect for her.

The weather was absolutely perfect. We couldn't have asked for a better 1st Easter!

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