April 13, 2010

Black & White Wednesday

Oh my goodness! It's been almost a month since I last posted! Where has the time gone?

My picture this week is of my oldest daughter, Amanda. For those who don't follow my blog, Amanda is 13....going on 30! She is all teen! Texting, Chatting, F@cebooking, Flirting, Socializing, staying up late & sleeping in whenever she can get away with it, thinking she has all the answers...she's all of this & more!

We've recently had discussions about not growing up too fast. I'm pretty sure I just gave her the same lecture my dad gave me about 20 years ago (I hate that I just admitted that).

She loves to flirt, but doesn't think that this could cause problems. She's naive, but of course thinks she knows everything. She was recently sitting at a local park with a friend while Dan, alia & I took a walk. When we passed by her we told her it was time to come home to eat. She asked for a few more minutes to wait for her friend's mom to pick her up, of which I agreed to 15. We continued walking home, and about 5 minutes later she showed up. I assumed she had caught a ride home with her friend's mom. Imagine my surprise when I look out to see her getting out of a car with a young boy as the driver (it was her friend's 18 year old cousin, but still....). Needless to say another long talk was had, this time about never getting into a car with ANYONE I haven't personally met or approved.

She forgets she's only 13 and has a lot of growing up to do yet.

I have a feeling there are many gray hairs about to appear in my hair. Better stock up on hair color :)

For more black & white Wednesday pics, click the image below.

the long road


  1. Jen P.11:42 AM

    Oh Brandi! Be still my heart & not in a good way! Boys...ugh! They are so naive at 13, aren't they? Bless her heart! Intentions are good MOST of the time, but boy~OH BOYS! Call me old fashion, but chaperoned dating or in groups only for our girl! They don't plan on the "unplanned" happening, but their hormones WHOA doggies! Hope the teen years go smoothly! Sounds like you & Dad have great communication with your girls & have a good handle on it! Good luck!

  2. I love this pic of Amanda...I actually just like B&W's really :) lol While your stocking up on your hair color supply, be sure to pick some up for me as well, you know I only have little more than 9 years before the girls turn 13...AHHHHHHHHH :)

  3. I can so relate to what is going on...... Nick is approaching 13 and we are having a lot of the same discussions and struggles. Sometimes I think it was easier when they were still little kids...... growing up is hard to do!!!

    Beautiful black and white...I love all the contrast!